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Cubvox is a sandbox game that features physics simulation, open world and freedom of creation.

You place various bodies like boxes, domino tiles, spheres and pieces to construct different chains. Have fun creating different sequences of objects and simulating them in real time. Let your imagination work.

Cubvox allows create and experiment with various types of physics-based chain reaction, such domino effect, marble races and other types of cascading events. This game allows play with the law of physics in a creative and open-ended way.

Our approach is to create a game which provides tools for creating and simulating physics in a virtual environment including collision detection and rigid body dynamics. Players can create and experiment with chain reaction and many other physics effects. Cubvox provides player with a range of objects and tools to work with, such as marbles, dominoes, blocks, levers and other types of objects. It allows players to customize different properties of the objects, such mass, size, friction, graphics and material properties like ambient, diffuse and specular lighting.

Player is allowed to place and arrange objects in any way he likes, and provide them with a set of simple rules or guidelines for creating chain reactions and other physics-based events. You could also include challenges or puzzles that require players to use their understanding of physics to solve, such as building structures that are stable or launching objects with the right force and trajectory to hit a target.

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

DirectX 11 or higher

3000 MHz CPU


512Mb DX11 Video Card, Radeon 4850 or higher

1 Gb HDD Free Space


Early Game Access

Cubvox is still in the development, however you can get access to the game and download the latest working version.
Buying early access you will get all updates for free.